Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marshal Edwards

Our new little family

Marshal Thomas Edwards was born February 1st at 11:50 AM! He is handsome and healthy!


Laura Jacobson Edwards

Monday, May 17, 2010

Graduation for 3: Taylor, Matt, and Laura!

Hey this is Laura (Jacobson) Edwards. I felt it was time for a little update! Matt and I both walked for graduation from the University of Utah (go Utes!) on Friday May 7th. And Taylor graduated from Dixie State College on that same day!

Graduation was wonderful! (Actually it was a very busy and somewhat hectic day because everyone was in a hurry to be somewhere. Matt had to work that day so he had to go into work early in the morning, leave for my graduation, go back to work, leave for his graduation, and then go back to work! And my mom and MJ had to leave right after my ceremony in order to make it to TAYLOR'S graduation in St. George. We didn't even have time to take pictures after I walked. But that it okay because I am going to take my cap & gown with me next time I visit and we are going to take "family graduation photos." Ha! )

Despite the hectic feelings, it was a wonderful day and I was so happy that my mom and MJ were able to come up for it! And I was happy that Matt was able to leave work! It meant the world to me! And also, my BFF came! It made me cry, literally...

MJ is such a great photographer! Here are a few pictures from the graduations (and the black & white picture of my mom & I is from the photo shoot that MJ did the morning of my graduation):

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MACE's birthday!

TODAY is my mom's birthday. I just wanted to say that I love her so much! I hope all her birthday wishes come true and I hope she has an awsome year being 42 ;)

Love you Mom!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Short update

Hello family!

I hope you are doing well! I thought I would just drop by and say Hi. Matt and I are doing great. Matt graduated in december from the U in Business Finance and will be starting his new job in February. I am in my last semester, and we both have been called to be advisors for the youth- deacons and beehives. They are a great bunch of kids!

We still love our ward and neighborhood! I hope things are going well with all of you. We miss you lots!


Matt & Laura Edwards

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look, look, I am posting! What the..?! You're KIDDING ME! Just wanted to update you on summer 2009:

MJ is taking a Humanities class at Dixie - he's transferring up to the U in the winter (go Utes!). He is acing the class because it calls for lots and lots of opinion papers. This is MJ's forte. He is also in the DSC summer stock theatre. As always, he will be funny! I can predict it right now.

Together, we are learning how to best care for our giant lawns (Matt, sorry we didn't help more in all the past years - this is a heck of a job!). We purchased new, extra long hoses and hard-core industrial strength sprinklers. So far, success. We have planted flowers (just like Matt would do!) in every flower bed. We even planted three trees. Our goal is to make our yard a homage to Matt and try to make it look almost as great as he always did. Big shoes to fill!

We're helping Dad (Gramps) spiff up his house. He's finally replacing carpet he got in the 60's! MJ and I painted his front room and dining room, guest room/den, and we'll be finishing the master bedroom this week. Next job will be painting the bathrooms and kitchen. Taylor will be putting new tile in his small bathroom and in the entryway. The house will be beautiful and updated when we're done. Way to go G-pa!

It was great for us to be together on Memorial Day. MJ has photos posted on his blog. Check them out. I missed Matt so incredibly much. He was usually the leader of the clean-up crew up at the cemetery. The day seemed empty without him. I'm glad I had family to share it with.

Each new season brings heartaches, as I miss Matt so very much. It is strange to experience the changes of nature without him by my side. The point now is to rally the wagons and forge ahead. The cavalry ain't coming! I'm learning to survive it all and keep moving forward, after all, I'm not the inventor of heartache and pain! AHHHHHH!

I love having the kids come for visits. They are my joy! You guys are awesome! And Addi and Payson are a hoot! I have so many funny stories to share about them. I will share next time I'm with you. Ask me specifically about the frogs!

MJ and I have plans this summer to build a fence, put up three gates, reorganize the wash house and the art studio, re-purpose the downstairs bedroom and paint the living room. We will also fit in some fun. We're especially looking forward to the Wadsworth reunion on the Fourth of July.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello, everyone. This is MJ posting! For anyone who hasn't been to MY blog.. (matthewjacobson.blogspot.com) then you need to see these cute Memorial Day photos! To see more, though, go to my blog.

The true nature of our family.
Matt Edwards, Matthew Jacobson, Taylor Jacobson, and Payson Jacobson!

Matt Edwards, Matthew Jacobson, Kelli Jacobson, Taylor Jacobson, Payson Jacobson, Laura Edwards, Colin Jacobson, and Addi Jacobson.