Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the Reunion rocked!

I LOVED seeing everyone at the reunion! I hope you all had fun!

Love you all and can't wait to see you again!


Laura (Jacobson) Edwards

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Mace said...

I want to thank everyone for making sure the reunion was a huge success. I laughed, smiled, cried and felt such a great emotional connection to my beloved family. Whether near or far we are all connected by our deep care for each other and by way of Dana and Angie Pratt. How blessed are we?! How very blessed.

I missed Matt so much; the whole time. It felt good to have your arms around me and to feel of your support. I'm just glad everyone knew or knew of Matt. He was a people person and was quick to make a friend. People felt comfortable around him and knew he was one to be trusted with a sincere friendship.

I want to get together more than every twenty years. Let's make it so.

Keeping up through the Pratt blog, or family blogs, will certainly be a great way to keep involved in everyone's lives.

A big happy birthday to Dana R. Pratt on December 6th. He'll only be 89. What a youngster he is.

Can I say - I LOVE YOU!