Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The best of Friends!

Attention all! This is Laura posting...

My mother has the sweetest friends in the world. Her dearest friends, Tonya, Diane, Jana, and Alicia, made 2 quilts for my mom. Not just any quilts- but quilts from my dad's clothes! Now my mom can still snuggle with him!

The first quilt is made of my dad's jeans, and the other is made of the shirts he wore all the time. I was able to participate in the tying of the jeans quilt! While I was there they showed my mom and I the shirt quilt, and I nearly cried! I am so happy that her friends are so loving and supportive to put in time, money, travelling, talent etc.. in to such a wonderful project that mom can cherish forever! Thank you ladies!

Mom & Diane (below)

Alicia & Mom (below)

Diane, Alicia, Tonya, & Mom


Nicole said...

YAY! I love this! So fun and cool!

Coopercomics said...

I love, love, love those quilts! I bet that they are super special to snuggle in. See you this weekend??

Ina said...

Mace, I love these quilts. What a sweet, loving thing for your friends to do for you. It is another way to keep Matt close to you. One of my favorite quilts that mom and I made blocks made from dresses, blouses, and shirts my siblings and I wore when we were growing up.