Monday, May 17, 2010

Graduation for 3: Taylor, Matt, and Laura!

Hey this is Laura (Jacobson) Edwards. I felt it was time for a little update! Matt and I both walked for graduation from the University of Utah (go Utes!) on Friday May 7th. And Taylor graduated from Dixie State College on that same day!

Graduation was wonderful! (Actually it was a very busy and somewhat hectic day because everyone was in a hurry to be somewhere. Matt had to work that day so he had to go into work early in the morning, leave for my graduation, go back to work, leave for his graduation, and then go back to work! And my mom and MJ had to leave right after my ceremony in order to make it to TAYLOR'S graduation in St. George. We didn't even have time to take pictures after I walked. But that it okay because I am going to take my cap & gown with me next time I visit and we are going to take "family graduation photos." Ha! )

Despite the hectic feelings, it was a wonderful day and I was so happy that my mom and MJ were able to come up for it! And I was happy that Matt was able to leave work! It meant the world to me! And also, my BFF came! It made me cry, literally...

MJ is such a great photographer! Here are a few pictures from the graduations (and the black & white picture of my mom & I is from the photo shoot that MJ did the morning of my graduation):


Ina said...

This was a very proud day for Mace. Congrats to the graduates! A job well done! And, congrats to the mother! A job well done!

Jacobson said...

aw i love this... that pic of you and matt by your little garage sign is so great! Im glad someone got paysons fake smile on camera he used to always do that but not anymore. im glad you took some time to update... and ps i love love love that amazing photo of you and moms soooooo sweet.. you guys have such similar beauty:)