Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Matt & Mace Jacobson family

This is Laura, again. I thought I'd do a small update on the MATT & MACE JACOBSON family.

Mom and dad are living in Pine Valley. They are loving the beautiful valley and the wonderdul church branch. They have been restoring the old pioneer home, and it is looking FABULOUS! Dad's health is improving. He's doing much better! We love him and am happy that he is still around today :)

MJ is currently living in Pine Valley as well. He has been such an amazing help with dad and with the house projects! Random thought: He got new glasses, and I LOVE THEM! (glasses are not in the picture I have posted, sorry).

Taylor & Kelli are still living in sunny St. George. They have two beautiful kids, Addi (3) and Payson (6 months). Their children are the cutest kids you have ever seen!!!

I already gave an update on Matt & I (see "Matt & Laura Edwards update" post below).

Colin is still living in Layton. He is doing so well! He has built up skills that are unimaginable.... ok, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration :) But he really has progressed so much. He can do many things 'on his own' (with some supervision). Luckily Matt & I are living closer to him, so we get to see him often. We also drive him to Pine Valley often to visit, and if we can't bring him then dad & MJ go pick him up. Whew- What a drive to SLC and back!

Mom & Dad have 2 dogs in their household right now. Shakra is a pomeranian and has the personality similar to a cat. And Scout is a black lab puppy (though she doesn't look like a puppy anymore). Scout practically belongs to MJ. They are the best of friends and are inseparable!

And thus concludes the Jacobson Family Update. See you guys in a few months at the reunion!

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George & Ina Wimsatt said...

Desparate for any news and pictures of our much loved Matt and Mace Pratt Jacobson family, you might say that I have become a "Blog Stalker". Don't you just hate that? But it works and keeps me somewhat in touch as the years speed by. Yea, for Blogs!