Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Team Duty

Hi. Josh Duty here, son of Frank and Cynthia. Some of you may have received my dad's annual "Christmas Newsletter" in the past. Did it put you to sleep? Me too. I'm going to skip the "Curtis is pursuing a job with the FBI" type updates, and just post a bunch of embarrassing family photos. Let's do it:

Our most recent family photo, taken in June.

Our last *actual* family photo, from the early aughts.

Requisite "everyone wearing the same thing because we're cut from the same cloth" family photo. Late 90's.

Last time I was in Utah.

My first time, that I recall, in Utah. In the process of showing Curt how to properly swing on this rope, I broke my arm. I had a reputation as an excellent fake crier at the time, so I laid on the sidewalk for a while. But I didn't care because we got pizza afterward. Also of note are my interesting fashion choices. Why did I roll my pants up to the knee in freezing weather? I don't know.


And more recently. Curt in the West Indies, Zach in Poland, the rest of us playing cards and eating snow cones stateside.

Okay. Now that I've monopolized the space on this blog I can go. Maybe I'll post more later. Like words. If anyone cares to see some goofy old home videos, I have some up at an old site here.

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Yay! Thanks for posting!